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It doesn’t have to be awkward. 

If you’re anything like us, you love yoga… or, at least, the idea of yoga. You buy an awesome mat on Amazon, a cool outfit, and say to yourself, “this is the week!” 

But then you see those crazy pretzel poses on Instagram and start to wonder if this is really for you. 

You need a great community that can support you, but all of the objections are just too easy. “I’m not flexible enough, this is too hard to learn, I don’t have time, this is gonna be awkward.”

We believe yoga should be a source of confidence and strength – not of feeling awkward or timid.

 Click the button below to join our private Facebook group. We’ve create an incredible community that’s ready to show that yoga is about increasing your flexibility, working on what matters to you, and finding your tribe.

Here’s How it Works

1: Join the Facebook Group

Our private group is your starting point to unlocking all of the benefits of yoga in a judgement-free environment. 


2: Follow the 40-Day Plan

Group moderators and members are ready to cheer you on through an easy-to-follow, easy-to-do 40-day yoga plan. 

3: Get Confident!

You’re a yoga rockstar, and you know how to make yoga work with your lifestyle. Bye-bye awkwardness, hello confidence!

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Susan – Scottsdale